Friday, 22 March 2013

Abstract Summary

We are the IRS Group Delta of S2-06. We have researched on gaming addiction is and what it has lead to so we decided to do an investigation on gaming addiction. We have interviewed Sec 2 gamers from School of Science and Technology, Singapore 2013 and found out that a lot of them resulted to gaming to relieve stress from school work. Some other students also result to gaming under peer pressure. Technology can be used for productive work but also in the mean time can be bad for your life like gaming addiction which can ruin your life by wasting all your time and destroy the relationship with your close ones.

Roles for presentation

Ding Ruoqian: Introduction, Research Title and Summary

Daniel Gabe Ibeas: Methods and Research

Ng Yu Yang: Areas for Further Research

Markus Chin: Data and Conclusion

Our group going out to interview gamers

Our Group, hard at work!

Monday, 11 March 2013

More photos of people gaming in SST

Photo of someone gaming in the canteen of SST

Abstract Summary Draft

- We search the internet on how gaming addiction started and come about. 
- We research on how gaming addiction affects youths and what it makes them becomes.
- We then research on how serious the consequences of gaming addiction are on the victim.
- We then begin to find out the different types of gaming addicts and what are they like. What is their mentality.
- Then we research on stress and find out how is it related to gaming addiction. How does stress affect gamers.
- We then start to list out consequences of gaming addiction, what gaming addicts will face.
- From what we found out through research, we will then create and research on advice for parents of addicted gamers.
- Gamers would then be interviewed and they would be asked about gaming addiction. 
- Finally, the recent incidents involving gaming addiction or obsession would then be researched and this would provide us with info on what happens if gaming addiction is not managed.